Friday, January 16, 2015

OLED TVs in grading rooms?

I was over at a big facility this morning in one of their grading rooms setting up a Sony BVM-E250 OLED display for grading (the usual - rec.709 80Cd/m2 - BBC-style) and as even the monitor was only a bit out; If I didn't have the probe out and ready I might not have bothered!
However, they also wanted me to see if I could match an LG-55EC9300 55" OLED tele. It was one of those new jobs that has a subtly curved screen. I'm convinced that's just for strengthening as the panel is so thin there is no way it could be mechanically stable if it wasn't build on a curved sub-frame!
Anyhow - that model only has the domestic-type tweaks; you can turn ClearPixelTM and SmoothMotionTM (or whatever they call those horrors!) on/off but no colour-balance in the blacks and so I spent a while changing the "warm" and "dynamic" setting to get a consistent 709'ish balance between the blacks and whites and thought that on test signals and real pictures it looked pretty close; a tad magenta in the dark-areas and I couldn't quite get the saturation to match exactly on all material, but if the two monitors weren't next to each other you wouldn't be able to remember the differences.
Here are the settings (if they're useful?)

Picture Mode: Expert1
Picture Adjust
OLED Light: 60
contrast: 63
Brightness: 52
H/V Sharpness/Tint: 0
Colour: 45
Expert Control
Dynamic Contrast/Edge/Colour filter/Expert Pattern: Off
Gamma: 2.4
White Balance:
Colour Temperature: Warm2
Method: 20 points
Pattern: Outer
IRE: 100
Luminance: 100
Red: 0
Green: -16
Blue: -2
Colour Management System (Saturation, Tint, Luminance)
Red:0, 0, 3
Green: 0, 0, -5
Blue: 0, 0, 5
Cyan: 5, 9, 1
Magenta: 0, 0, 3
Yellow: 10, 1, 2
Picture Options
Noise Reduction/MPEG/Real Cinema/ Motion Eye care/TruMotion: Off
Black Level: Low

Monday, January 05, 2015

Oscilloscope Watch update

New update from Gabriel Anzziani, the developer;

Hello Backers! Sorry for the delays, the project is still moving forward. I have received 50 PCB assemblies and other parts for the "Hacker Special" and "PCB Assembly" backers. 

 Hardware 1.5 PCB Assemblies

Below is a close up of the PCB. The board has been extended sideways to be able to add two more mounting holes, and I have also added some cutouts on the PCB (between the buttons) to hold the backlight.
 Close up of the PCB assembly

The board works as expected:
 Board powers up

Before I send out these units to backers, I want to finish up the backlight piece, which also doubles as the holder for the LCD, so the PCB assembly can be one solid piece.

 PCB Assembly with backlight/holder

 Backlight/holder side view 

I will be working on this piece in the next few days and I will send out the design to the mold company. I expect to have sample pieces in a month or two. While I wait for the backlight, I will continue to work on the enclosure and other details of the design.
 I'm still itching to make part 2 of my review video, meantime, here is the first clip;