Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hopes for 2011

  1. Teradici PCoIP starts working with Snow Leopard - Apple broke USB HIDs in 10.6 and so standard USB cards (which the Teradici HBA looks like to the OS) are not recognised (as they were in Leopard and are in XP, Win7 & any Linux).
  2. Someone launches a USB DVB-T2 adaptor - seriously, I want to upgrade my PVR to FreeviewHD!
  3. The industry starts to pick up; at some point effort for the BBC move to Salford and the Olympics have to trickle down to London-based SIs
  4. The Dolby PRM-4020 monitor starts to ship in the UK - see here.
  5. UK broadcasters start to take HD seriously before getting all excited about 3D
  6. UK broadcasters start to treat SD channels with some technical quality before getting too excited about HD!
  7. 3D in the cinema dies on the vine - the number of folks choosing to pay for it when they have a choice dropped off consistently throughout 2010 and so presumably at some point it will become economically nonviable.
  8. The root6 tech podcast eventually takes off (watch this space!).