Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DVI, HDMI and Display Port

It's been more than a month since I blogged! It's not that I've been mega-busy at work rather life has been hectic with a couple of disappointments thrown in that have kept my thoughts occupied. Still - engineering goes on!

So - a few weeks ago I went to an excellent training day with Lightware Engineering who make DVI and HDMI extenders and matrices. They really are excellent chaps who know their stuff - the link (above) is to the PDF of the presentation they gave.

Here are a few notes;

The difference between single and dual-link DVI

DVI has been around for some years now - the difference in resolution and data rates between single and dual-link is shown above. The four pins that sometimes surround the larger 'blade' pin are the R,G,B and sync signals that carry the analogue version - but this isn't supported by all graphics cards and/or monitors. Most graphics cards 'mute' the analogue pins if the DVI handshake has taken place. The difference between digital-only and analogue/digital-DVI is shown with the suffix D or I (for 'integrated').

Evolution of DVI to HDMI v1.4

Key interchange for HDCP

Display Port

I shall finish this off later!